Business Tips for Owners

A few great tips for the small business owners can make a difference in success or failure. Develop a Mission statement and list your immediate goals to help you stay on the correct path. Focusing on them will get you closer to reaching them. Avoid getting sidetracked. This will cause distractions and will take away from your goal reaching desires. Use that one thing you do perfectly and promote it constantly. You may do many things but concentrate on the one thing you offer that is the strongest. Try to do one venture at a time.Sometimes you will need to improvise, adapt or overcome daily in the successful business. Do not be a tyrant. Your employees will put out minimum for you. You want them encouraged to do the best at their jobs. Offer them thanks and bring in lunch once a month to let them know that they are important people in your company.Be adaptable. You will not know what exactly is going to transpire in the next few months. But be willing to change courses if that is required. Learn from the successes learn from the failures, just don’t dwell on them. Show your employees that you value their creativity. Let them have some flexibility in sales, as long as you are seeing positive results. Generally people want to do well and have someone proud of them. This applies to the business world also. This says you trust them.Know your inventory. Make sure you are informed of what products you have available for your customers. Keep your stock full so you can provide the merchandise that your clients expect each day. This will let them know you care about them returning as a customer to your business. Make sure your store and office is cleaned. This shows that you have pride in what you do.Place visual clues around the business to remind yourself and the employees about your goals. You all should be on the path to reaching them. Hire a business coach to come in and help motivate your team. This can be done on an individual or group basis. The more you train your staff the more independent they can become. Have weekly meetings to keep track of any issues that an employee may have. This will also help remind everyone what the weeks goals are. Discuss current projects at this time to clarify goals. Allow your employees a chance to offer their expertise and knowledge on the subjects of success.Setting a time aside for your employees to have a bit of fun will help bond them as a team. The closer they work together in harmony the more customers you will get. Have a system in place that can handle any problems that arise. There will be issues among employees and also customer issues. Having a plan in place can take care of these quickly. Know your employees and let them see you each day.

Home Business Tips – The Art of Continuous Learning

Today as we were preparing to go to our rental property and finish the clean up prior to the new tenants moving in; we had to check the bi-fold closet doors in our home so that we would know how to put the ones in the rental property back up again. It dawned on me as both of us were looking at the closet door how much we have learned and grown over the past years.We had the same type of closet doors in our previous house. One of them was broken, we had tried numerous things to fix it but they never seemed to work long term. This time we checked with the expert at Home Depot and inspected an example of one that was working well. Why had we not done that with the door in our previous home?As I learn yet again from a simple situation that has happened in my daily life I understand more and more what many teachers have told me over the years.At the end of each day ask yourself “what did I learn today?” I would always wonder how in the world could you learn something every day when you are not in school, class, webinar or teleseminar.Writing these articles, looking closely at the events of my life has enabled me to recognize that yes I do learn every day I simply did not have the perspective that was necessary to see it. “How you do anything is how you do everything.” This quote is one of the ways that I can assist myself in seeing what I have learned today. Watching your own behavior throughout the day will enable you to see what you have learned.You can then apply this same principle to your home based MLM business, continuous learning. Realize that each time you test out something new, talk to a new prospect or teach a team member you are learning. Adding to your base of knowledge. However examining your learning, recognizing and applying that learning to other situations in your life allows you to reap even more benefits. You will waste a major part of the learning when you do not examine it.